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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get logos or graphics?

YES!!! Logos and graphics or available to add a personal touch to your Product. Just send us what you have for your logo, or what type of special graphics or clip art you would like on your Product and we will give you a quote on the additional costs that may apply.

Am I limited on the number of colors on my Product?

NO!!! Our pricing is for a one color Product, however you may add as many colors as you wish. Please email us your request and we will get you a quote based on your wishes.

Can I get a double sided banner?

YES!! Again, the price chart is for a one sided, one color banner however all of our banners are made to order and we ship out many double sided banners daily. Email us the size, quantity and layout information that you want on a two sided banner and we’ll get you a custom quote.

Can I get a special size banner?

YES!!! We can do ANY size you would like. Email us with the size you’re looking for, and we’ll email you the cost.

How do I hang my banner?

Our banners come with Metal Grommets in every corner and every 2-4 ft. around the banner. You can use bungee cords, zip ties or ropes to hang your banner on buildings or between poles. It is extremely important that you use all grommets supplied on the banner for fastening. The banner material is very strong however only using a portion of the grommets may cause undo stress and cause the grommets to get torn out. If you are looking for a tradeshow or display type banner check out our banner stands in "Other Products" If you are in need of customized ways to hang your banner (pole pockets, ropes, etc.) please let us know and we can accommodate those needs.

Can I see a layout before I order or give you my credit card number?

Of course! We would not expect you to commit to an order with out knowing exactly what you are getting. If you would like to see a layout contact us with the size of banner, typestyle and text you want on your banner. We will email you back with a layout. If the layout is not what you were looking for, just email us back and we will get a revised proof off to you with the changes you have requested. If you choose to enter your credit card at the time you place your order (which 90% of our customers do) we will not charge your card until you have approved the layout and your banner is being put into production.

When will I see my proof?

We allow ourselves 24 hours to get a proof back to you….however you will usually see your layout with in just a few hours.

Do I have to give you my credit card online or via email?

No!! Although this seems to be a very safe process we do understand the concerns you may have in giving out your credit card online. We have a staff in place for you to call and give your credit card information via the phone at (417) 598-0111.


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